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Số: 5
Tác giả:
Tình trạng: Còn hàng
Số trang:
Năm: 2018
Kích thước:
Giá bìa: 30,000 VNĐ
Mua ấn phẩm

Giới thiệu

Natural sulphur-containing steroids: Origin and biological activities.

Valery M. Dembitsky, Nick Savidov, Tatyana A. Gloriozova

Removal of Cd2+ by hydroxyapatite adsorption granule from aqueous solution.

Le Thi Duyen, Le Thi Phuong Thao, Do Thi Hai, Pham Tien Dung, Pham Thi Nam, Nguyen Thi Thom, Cao Thi Hong, Cao Thuy Linh, Dinh Thi Mai Thanh

Isolation of spirostanol glycosides from Solanum nigrum.

Bui Huu Tai, Nguyen Xuan Nhiem, Vu Van Doan, Pham Hai Yen, Tran Hong Quang, Do Thi Trang, Duong Thi Hai Yen, Nguyen Thi Cuc, Phan Van Kiem


Quantitative concentration determination of silver nanoparticles prepared by DC high voltage

electrochemical method.

Nguyen Duc Hung, Vu Nang Nam, Tran Thi Nhan, Tran Thi Ngoc Dung


Studying on the adsorption of chromium(VI) on polyaniline modified with activated tea residue.

Tran Thi Ha, Vo An Quan, Nguyen Quang Hop, Tran Minh Thuy, Nguyen Thi Ngoc, Le Xuan Que


A comparison between the use of continuous and pore network approach in the simulation of the drying process of porous media with different pore size distributions.

Vu Hong Thai, Thomas Metzger, Evangelos Tsotsas


Cyclopeptides from marine actinomycete Streptomyces sp. G261.

Cao Duc Danh, Phi Thi Dao, Doan Thi Mai Huong, Tran Dang Thach , Nguyen Mai Anh, Le Thi Hong Minh, Tran Tuan Anh, Pham Van Cuong


Detection of isomerization in commercial natural rubber.

Nghiem Thi Thuong, Phan Trung Nghia, Seiichi Kawahara


Establishment of a chromatographic profile and analytical method for determination of key flavonoids in extract of Ginkgo biloba’s leaf.

Huynh Khanh Duy


Chemical constituents of MeOH extract from the fruits of Macaranga sampsonii.

Do Thi Quynh, Le Tran Nguyen Vu, Doan Thi Mai Huong, Truong Bich Ngan, Nguyen Thi Hue, Tran Dang Thach, Pham Van Cuong


Study of water disinfection by analyzing the ozone decomposition process.

Nguyen Hoang Nghi, Le Cao Cuong, Tran Vinh Dieu, Doan Thi Yen Oanh


Release of chondroitin sulfate form the chicken keel cartilage by protamex hydrolysis.

Nguyen Thi Le Vien, Luu Van Thien Phu, Nguyen Thi Thanh Phuong, Tran Thi Hong Hanh, Dong Thi Anh Dao


Characterization of hydroxyapatite/carbon nanotubes coatings on Ti6Al4V.

Nguyen Thi Thom, Pham Thi Nam, Nguyen Van Trang, Nguyen Tuan Anh, Pham Tien Dung, Dinh Thi Mai Thanh



Synthesis and properties of some polyethers from chalcones.

Duong Khanh Linh, Do Ba Dai, Do Truc Vy, Nguyen Thuy Chinh, Vu Quoc Trung


Triterpene tetraglycosides from the Vietnamese sea cucumber Holothuria impatiens.

Le Thi Vien, Tran Thi Hong Hanh, Phan Thi Thanh Huong, Nguyen Van Thanh, Nguyen Xuan Cuong, Nguyen Hoai Nam, Do Cong Thung


Removal of Pb2+ and Cd2+ ions from aqueous solutions using Fe3O4/Bentonite nanocomposite.

Pham Van Lam, Nguyen Binh Duong, Quan Thi Thu Trang, Vu Anh Tuan


The effective pH-responsive 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane linked with porous nanosilica for doxorubicine delivery.

Vo Uyen Vy, Nguyen Thi Thanh Van, Nguyen Thuy Thuy Linh, Phan Thi Kim Phuong Phan, Tran Thi Thanh Nha, Pham Hoang Ai Lem, Nguyen Anh Khoa, Nguyen Dai Hai , Nguyen Cuu Khoa


Chemical constituents from fruits of Macaranga denticulata (Euphorbiaceae) (Part 2).

Le Tran Nguyen Vu, Truong Bich Ngan, Le Thi Phuong, Doan Thi Mai Huong, Marc Litaudon, Nguyen Van Hung, Tran Dang Thach, Pham Van Cuong


Preliminary study on the chemical constituents of the leaves of Macaranga balansae Gagnep.

Pham Toan Thang, Nguyen Anh Dung, Tran Huu Giap, Vu Thi Kim Oanh, Nguyen Thi Minh Hang, Tran Thu Huong, Le Nguyen Thanh, Doan Thi Mai Huong, Pham Van Cuong


Protective effect of pancreatic β-cells MIN6 by some medicinal plants in the Mekong Delta.

Le Thi Bach, Le Tien Dung, Nguyen Trong Tuan, Nguyen Thanh Phuong, Patrick Kestemont, Joëlle Quetin-Leclercq, Bui Thi Buu Hue


Synthesis and characterization of Fe3O4/GO nanocomposite for drug carrier.

Nguyen Thi Hanh, Nguyen Thi Xuyen, Tran Thi Thanh Thuy


Effects of reaction parameters on photodegradation of caffeine over hierarchical flower-like ZnO nanostructure.

Le Thi Mai, Luu Thi Hoai, Vu Anh Tuan


Thermal decomposition behavior and shelf-life of polymer-bonded explosives and hexogen -an experimental study.

Nguyen Trung Toan, Phan Duc Nhan, Duong Cong Hung, Vo Hoang Phuong

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