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Communications in Physics

Số: 2
Tác giả:
Tình trạng: Còn hàng
Số trang:
Năm: 2020
Kích thước:
Giá bìa: 40,000 VNĐ
Mua ấn phẩm

Giới thiệu

High-order Harmonic Generation from Hydrogen Molecular Ion in Coherent Superposition State

Ngoc-Loan Phan


Size and Layer Dependence of Hybrid Graphene/h-BN Models Upon Heating

Hang Thi Thuy Nguyen


Transport Properties of a GaAs/InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Well: Temperature, Magnetic Field and Many-body Effects

Van Tuan Truong, Quoc Khanh Nguyen, Van Tai Vo, Khan Linh Dang


Using Solvent Vapor Annealing for the Enhancement of the Stability and Efficiency of Monolithic Hole-conductor-free Perovskite Solar Cells

Lien Thi Dao Thach, Phuc Van Pham, Oanh Thi Tu Nguyen, Hieu Si Nguyen, Bach Ngoc Ta, Long Duy Pham, Hoi Van Pham, Chi Ha Le


Efficient Generation of Coherent Stokes Field in Hydrogen Gas-Filled Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fibres

Thanh Doan Thai, Quy Quang Ho, Thang Manh Nguyen


Simulation Study of Mid-infrared Supercontinuum Generation at Normal Dispersion Regime in Chalcogenide Suspended-core Fiber Infiltrated with Water

Bien Chu Van, Mai Dang Ngoc, Van Cao Long, Hoang Nguyen Tuan, Hieu Le Van


Facile Synthesis of CuO/ITO Film Via the Chronoamperometric Electrodeposition for Nonenzymatic Glucose Sensing

Duong Thi Thuy Tran, Dung Quoc Nguyen, Chuyen Hong Pham, Lam Dai Tran, Dai Tien Nguyen


Full O(α)O(α) Electroweak Radiative Corrections to e−e+WW+ee+WW+ with Initial Beam Polarization Effects

Hong Khiem Phan, Anh Thu Nguyen, Huu Nghia Nguyen


Detection of Luminescence Centers in Colloidal Cd0.30.3Zn0.70.7S Nanocrystals by Synchronous Luminescence Spectroscopy

Phi Van Thang, Ho Van Tuyen, Vu Xuan Quang, Nguyen Thi Thuy Lieu, Nguyen Trong Thanh, Nguyen Xuan Nghia


All-dielectric Metamaterial for Electromagnetically-induced Transparency in Optical Region

Pham The Linh, Nguyen Thi Viet Ninh, Nguyen Dinh Quang, Tran Tien Lam, Nguyen Van Ngoc, Bui Xuan Khuyen, Nguyen Thi Hien, Vu Dinh Lam, Bui Son Tung

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