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Communications in Physics

Số: 1
Tác giả:
Tình trạng: Còn hàng
Số trang:
Năm: 2021
Kích thước:
Giá bìa: 50,000 VNĐ
Mua ấn phẩm

Giới thiệu

Supercontinuum Generation in Photonic Crystal Fibers Infiltrated with Liquids

Cao Long Van

Interaction Between Two Jackiw-Rebbi States in Interfaced Binary Waveguide Arrays with Cubic-quintic Nonlinearity

Xuan Truong Tran, Nhu Xuan Nguyen, The Quang Nguyen, Van Toan Nguyen, Tuan Linh Nguyen

Molecular Emissions from Circumstellar Envelopes in the Presence of a Binary Companion

Ngoc Hung Tran, Trung Van Dinh, Dong Bang Pham, Thanh Bao Thi Nguyen

Nuclear Mean-Field Description of Proton Elastic Scattering by 12,13C at Low Energies

Le Anh Nguyen, Huan Nhut Phan, Hoang Phuc Nguyen

In silico Probing Ca2+ And Zn2+ Permeable Transmembrane 4Aβ1-42 Barrel

Son Tung Ngo

Compression Effects on Structural Relaxation Process of Amorphous Indomethacin

Tran Dinh Cuong, Anh D. Phan

Photocurrents in GaAs Quantum Wires Including Excitonic Effects

Huynh Thanh Duc, Cong Ngo

Synthesis of ZnSe Nanocrystals for Solid-state Lighting Applications

Tran Thi Kim Chi, Bui Thi Thu Hien, Hoang Nhu Thanh, Trinh Duc Thien, Pham Nguyen Hai

Removal of Rhodamine B Dye by Plasma Jet Oxidation Process

Quynh Xuan Thi Le, Hong Quan Tran, Thu Ha Trinh, Thuan Dao Nguyen

Size Effect of Gold Nanoparticles on Optical and Electrical Properties of Au@TiO2  Nanocomposite Thin Films

Long Duy Pham, Chi Ha Le, Oanh Thi Tu Nguyen, Chien Tran Dang, Tai Ngoc Ly, Ngan Thi Thanh Nguyen, Dai Nguyen Van, Lien Thi Dao Thach, Hieu Si Nguyen

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02:59:38 PM