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Vietnam Journal of Mathematics

Số: 4
Tác giả:
Tình trạng: Còn hàng
Số trang:
Năm: 2017
Kích thước:
Giá bìa: 40,000 VNĐ
Mua ấn phẩm

Giới thiệu

1. Pontryagin Principles in Infinite Horizon in the Presence of Asymptotical Constraints/ 
    J. Blot and T.-N.Ngo 
2. SG-Flat Complexes and Their Generalizations/ 
    C. Selvaraj and R. Saravanan
3. Some New Results on Skew Triangular Matrix Kings with Constant Diagonal/ 
    K. Paykan 
4. Inertial Manifolds for Partial Neutral Functional Differential Equations in Admissible Spaces/
     T.H. Nguyen and X.Q. Bui 
5. New Oscillation Criteria for Forced Nonlinear Fractional Difference Equations/ 
    B. Abdalla, K. Abodayeh, T. Abdeljawad and J. Alzabut 
6. On the Accessibility of Khoi’s Dilogarithm Identity Involving the Golden Ratio/ 
    F.M.S. Lima 
7. Solvability of Fractional Differential Equation with Nonlocal Boundary Conditions at Resonance/ 
    D.H. Hoang, L.c. Nhan and L.x. Truong 
8. Note on the Weak Glohal Dimension of Coherent Bi-amalgamations/ 
    M. Tamekkante and E.M. Bouba 
9. Extragradient-Proximal Methods for Split Equilibrium and Fixed Point Problems in Hilbert Spaces/ 
    B. Van Dinh, D.x. Son and T.v. Anh
10. Convergence of Sequences of Rational Functions on C/ 
    D.H. Hung and L.T. Hung 
11. P-Adic Nevanlinna Theory Outside of a Hole/ 
     A. Escassut and T.H.A. Ta 
12. p-Extended Mathicu Series from the Schlomilch Series Point of View/ 
     D.J. Masirevic and T.K. Pogány
13. Improved Delay-Dependent Approach to Passivity Analysis for Uncertain Neural Networks with Discrete Interval and Distributed Time-Varying Delays/ 
     N. Yotha, T. Botmart, K. Mukdasai and w. Weera 
14. Local Spectral Formula for Integral Operators on Lp (T)/ 
     H.H. Bang and V.N. Huy 
15. Existence of Solutions of Impulsive Lidstone BVPs of Singular Higher Order Fractional Differential Equations/ 
     Y. Liu

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