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Vietnam Journal of Mathematics

Số: 3
Tác giả:
Tình trạng: Còn hàng
Số trang:
Năm: 2021
Kích thước:
Giá bìa: 70,000 VNĐ
Mua ấn phẩm

Giới thiệu

Partial Differential Equations, Control, and Numerics

Jean-Michel Coron, Sorin Micu, Hoang Xuan Phu

Collective Dynamics of Opposing Groups with Stochastic Communication

Shi Jin, Ruiwen Shu

On the Regularity of Weak Solutions of the Boussinesq Equations in Besov Spaces

Annamaria Barbagallo, Sadek Gala,… Michel Théra

L-Splines as Diffusive Limits of Dissipative Kinetic Models

Gabriella Bretti, Laurent Gosse, Nicolas Vauchelet

H1-Solutions for the Hele-Shaw Equation

Giuseppe Maria Coclite, Lorenzo di Ruvo

Approximation of Probability Density Functions for PDEs with Random Parameters Using Truncated Series Expansions

Giacomo Capodaglio, Max Gunzburger, Henry P. Wynn

State Error Estimates for the Numerical Approximation of Sparse Distributed Control Problems in the Absence of Tikhonov Regularization

Eduardo Casas, Mariano Mateos

Approximate and Mean Approximate Controllability Properties for Hilfer Time-Fractional Differential Equations

Ernest Aragones, Valentin Keyantuo, Mahamadi Warma

Stabilization of the Weakly Coupled Wave-Plate System with One Internal Damping

Xiaoyu Fu, Qi Lü

Can the Average Temperature Stabilize a System of Thermoelastic Plates?

Louis Tebou

On the Inverse Source Identification Problem in L∞ for Fully Nonlinear Elliptic PDE

Birzhan Ayanbayev, Nikos Katzourakis

Large-Time Behavior for a Fully Nonlocal Heat Equation

Carmen Cortázar, Fernando Quirós, Noemí Wolanski

Nonnegative Boundary Control of 1D Linear Heat Equations

Jérôme Lohéac

Finite Elements and Virtual Elements on Classical Meshes

Franco Brezzi, Luisa Donatella Marini

Chevron Pattern Equations: Exponential Attractor and Global Stabilization

Habiba Kalantarova, Varga Kalantarov, Orestis Vantzos

Observability Results Related to Fractional Schrödinger Operators

Fabricio Macià

Network Structured Kinetic Models of Social Interactions

Martin Burger

Boundary Controllability and Asymptotic Stabilization of a Nonlocal Traffic Flow Model

Alexandre Bayen, Jean-Michel Coron, … Lukas Pflug

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